Saturday, 28 April 2012

Love for Lush

Ok, so I feel like every other blog I read now a days is a lush review/ haul. And here's another!
I discovered lush about 4 years ago (I think?) and I tried a few face masks but one bought me out in a mega rash! Seriously my whole face was red and blotchy! Understandably I stopped using lush. But my rash didn't budge. 
So any way turns out it was something else which broke me out not the lush products.
My skin always looks dull when I use products which aren't natural or very mild. For example something such as Superdrug's Vitamin E cream is too harsh on my skin and gives me small bumps under my skin. 

I've been hearing soooo much about lush latley and decided that I needed to treat my skin and hair to a bit of TLC ontop of my regualr routine.
Off I plodded to Lush and I bought 'Oatitix' and 'Hair Doctor'.

Oatifox is a gentle face mask and cost £5.75
Hair Doctor is an intensive hair mask and cost £6.50

'Cleanse, soften and moisturise dry, sensitive skin. A blend of bananas, vanilla and oats to cool and nourish, illipe butter to reduce redness, ground almonds to gently polish and kaolin to cleanse your skin'

This smells absolutly amazing! It smells just like banana flap jacks! mmm I just want to eat it all up! 
This has got ingredients in it, one being illipe butter which has amazing moisturising qualities. 
The instructions say to leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes but I could just sit with it on my face for ages. Once you get over feeling like you're covering your face in Goldielocks' breakfast then you can really enjoy the product. The smell relaxes me automatically and as it drys it tightens on the skin ever so slightly. 
I wash this off of my face with warm water on a cotton pad and leave it at least an hour before continuing with my usual skin routine. 
My skin is so soft and feel so refreshed and looks really fresh and alive.

Hair Doctor
'Hair & scalp mask - If you've really got your hair in a bad way, then you need this stimulating mask made from seaweeds and mud.'
'If your hair could dial 999- this is who it'd call. Give hair doctor a go - you'll love his bedside manner.'

This product was a complete impulse buy. I went into lush to buy a new solid shampoo bar and was just having a mooch and found this and thought I'd give it ago.

Over the last 3 months I've really stepped up my hair care routine as I'm trying to grow it. This means no heat and super deep conditioning.
I used this on my hair this week and as you can see by how much I'v used I really loved using it!
Again it smells delicious! It contains ingredients such as seaweed, coconut oil and peppermint. I covered my hair in this and left it on for half an hour then rinsed and shampooed.
My hair was so soft and silky!
I went to the hairdressers for a trim today and she was so impressed with the condition of my hair! She couldn't believe just how lovely it was!

So both of these products have massively impressed me and I will 100% be re-purchasing these!

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