Monday, 25 June 2012

The Nail Polish Confession Challenge #2

Maybeline New York - Jade Dusseldorf
2 coats
Rarely wear this colour 
(I'm not a huge fan of metalics!)

Ciate' - Purple Sherbet
2 Coats
I wear this regularly! 
(even thought it's one of the newest additions to my collection!)

Toe Time!
(If you aren't a fan of the feet pics, let me know and I'll stop!)
L - 2 true - Shade 9
R - L'Oreal Metropolitan 
(The 2 true shade is silver in the bottle but has a gold tint when applied!)
1 coat of each. (I used selotape to get a straight line!)
I very rarely wear either if these!

Nails Inc - Bluebell
2 coats

Mua - shade 11
3 coats

How are you guys getting on with your nails lately?


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