Tuesday, 26 June 2012

FOTD & a quick chit chat!

Happy Tuesday ladies!
Recently I've stopped blogging everyday, and honestly, I don't know why!
I love blogging and I have so much lined up for you..
I guess I'm just feeling a bit ... uninspired as of late!

Life has been pretty so so lately, and quiet frankly, I'm bored of so so!

Mark has a few days off of work and we wanted to do something a bit different over the next few days.
I'm thinking we get touristy!
London is a great place and even though I've lived here my whole life, I think I've seen about 20% of it!
So it's time to go sight seeing!

And here is my Face for today!

I started off with the Rimmel fix & perfect primer (review coming soon!)

Today I mixed my foundations before application, I used Boujours 123 Perfect & Mac face & Body in equal parts.
I like mixing my foundation as it means you can tailor your base to exactly what you need. 
The Boujours foundation is a tad to light and matte for my liking and Face and Body doesn't have the amount of coverage I want today!
I then used No7 Mineral Blush - Soft Damson

Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara - Brown Black
Inka eyeliner - Coco
I love using brown mascara as it gives such a natural look but still gives your lashes that little bit of something extra!
I also used the naked palette -
Naked on the lid
Buck on the crease 

And finally on my lips I used Mac's 'Watch me simmer' as a stain and MUA lipgloss - shade 1.

And my hair - well it's a wild mess - and I love it!
It's 90% natural with a little bit of help with some well placed curls from the curling iron!

What have you been up to lately? 
Anywhere in London you love?


  1. That lipstick really suits you! And I like the hair, its different! :)

    As for London - I've visited lots as a tourist and I do love it, my fave things about London are the shows (Les Mis is my fave!) and I do love Covent Garden, Notting Hill and Harrods :)

    Next time I'm in London, I want to go the Tower Of London, The London Dungeons and the Foundling museum as I've never been to any of those


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I really love this look. Your hair looks amazing! I have no7's Soft Damson blush in a pressed form rather than mineral. I haven't really tried it, but I'll be testing it out soon!


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