Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mission Statement

Time to get sorted and organised.
Why am I blogging?
What am I blogging about?
What are my aims?
Do I have any more questions?

To have somewhere I can get all the thoughts out of my head.
Life. Although mins isn't too interesting. Mainly my thought and useful things. Lots about my addiction to nail polish because its nice to talk about, even though no one wants to listen!My very recently discovered eBay addiction :/
Just to chat. I don't want to be like some bloggers where they try desperately hard to be witty or funny of whatever.
eermmm :/ probably but none that I can think of!

Ok, so my newly founded mission statement for confession closet is to create a space to share my thought with the vast, but empty internet. Blog about what I find interesting, and if others do too, then that's a big plus :) Embrace being meeee :)


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