Monday, 30 April 2012


In a recent haul I showed you guys a magnetic nail polish I picked up!
When I bought it I was really intrigued by it and did not have a clue how to use it. So I opened trusty youtube and found a tutorial and it could not have been easier!
The nail polish I bought had a seperate magnet, but I know brands such as Barry M have the magnet on the lid. 
If you're just as confused as I was here is a little step by step guide:
  1. Paint a base coat on your nails to protect them.
  2. Paint one thing layer of your magnetic polish onto your nails and then wait for them to dry.
  3. Layer another coat of polish onto one nail.
  4. Grab your magnet whilst your nails are still wet and hover it a few millimetres from your nail (or as close as you can get it) 
  5. Slowly move the magnet across your nail in order for the pattern to appear across your entire nail.
  6. Repeat on all nails.
  7. Wait for the polish to dry and add a top coat!
It's super easy to do but it did take me a few trial tuns to get the hang of it!


  1. They look so cool! I've been wanting a magnetised varnish for ages, but the effort of actually being able to do it puts me off!

    1. haha, my first attempt was awful but now that I'm used to doing it it looks fab and I always get compliments!


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