Friday, 13 April 2012

Top 10 Nail polishes for spring!

I think it's about time to admit it.
My name's Hannah and I'm an addict.
Addicted to nail polish.
I just cant help but get a buzz out of spreading pretty colouredness over my fingertips. I don't have the lovliest nails, but that's the beauty of nail polish, it makes them beautiful.I'm also suspect number one for peeling my nail polish off the same day I put it on :/ some people bite their nails, others bite their cuticles, peeling off nail polish is just my nasty habit! The way I see it there's nothing wrong with a nail polish addiction, but my boyfriend begs to differ. Claims he gets high of the fumes and I'm always flaffing about having wet nails (I think he's exaggerating a tad!).
So anyway, I've seen the top10 spring nail polish tag floating around the blog circuit and youtube and really could not resist! So excuse me whilst I go sort through my lovely collection and feed my addiction a bit more :)
NYC In A New York Minute - 240 Midtown

Barry M - 317 Blue Moon
             OPI - Kiss Me On My Tulips
Barry M - 318 Peach Melba

Maybelline Express Finish - 15 Perle White Dream

Revlon - 907 Steel-Her Heart
Barry M - 264 Pink Iridescent

                                                                 Nyc In A New York Minute - 296 Water Street Blue
NYC In A New York Minute -  264 Lincon Square Lavender

                                                                        Revlon - 710 Cloud


  1. Iv been lusting after peach marbela for ages now!! My local superdrug is always sold out!! :(

  2. I always hear that its sold out but its always in stock in every superdrugs or boots I go in! If you live in London check out westfield, they always have it stocked there!


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