Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rant : ebay

At the moment I'm really pissed off!
So this post is not beauty related but instead I need to vent!

I sell bits and bobs on ebay occasionally (mainly nail polish) just to make a few quid here and there so I can treat myself to some more expensive make up bits.

I recently sold an item to a fellow ebay and shipped it 2 days later.
A week later I was left a message claiming that the item had not arrived even though they had paid 2 weeks back.
This was a blatant lie, but to be civil and polite I offered to negotiate some sort of compensation with them in a week's time if they still had not received the item.

The next day I received a message from a different ebayer telling me they had had the exact same issue with this buyer and so had 3 other ebayers.

I heard no more from the buyer but exchanged a few messages about what to do next with the other seller.

This was about 3 and a half weeks ago and about an hour ago I received a message from ebay informing me that the buyer had opened a case against me.

They had stated that there had been no communication what so ever and had no received their product.
I was so shocked at the audacity of them to lie and say that I had not been in contact.

This has just made me pretty angry. I clearly stated that once I had posted the parcel it was not my responsibility, because quite frankly it isn't. The item cost £5, I am not going to send it recorded delivery (that's not what they paid for) and I am not going to personally escort the post man to ensure a safe delivery.

Now if they honestly haven't received the item then that is very unfortunate, but not my fault.
I have a big feeling that this person is scamming me and others on ebay. Its just my gut instinct,

I have 100% feedback and theirs is 90%.
I just don't see how people can get away with this.

Do you sell on ebay? Have you had a similar experience?
If you have the I really appreciate any tips on how to deal with this matter.


  1. I haven't as a seller but as a buyer, someone once sent me some really nasty messages after I left (very fairly) some NEUTRAL feedback. It wasn't even negative! I think I alerted Ebay but they basically said it was something I should sort out myself.
    Good luck with your case! Definitely sounds like a scam, hopefully these other sellers will be able to back you up. Did you get a receipt when you posted it?

  2. Thanks alot! It's just so frustrating when people dont play ball on e-bay! I did but it was just a post office receipt so could have been for anything! :(
    Btw - your blog is fantastic! x

  3. Oh Ive been having problems with ebay lately too! Bought a dress from someone in England, and it took 3 weeks to arrive to Scotland :| she kept blatantly lying and saying it was posted, when it finally arrived the postmark was from 2 days earlier. I was so pissed off! Thankfully I wasnt the only one, I seen a few people commenting the same thing but still, it annoys me how people can get away with this.
    Last year I was selling a halloween outfit brand new, and the girl who bought it claimed the zip was broken (it wasnt) and demanded to get a refund but keep the outfit. How cheeky! xxxx


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