Saturday, 5 May 2012

Urban Decay Vs MUA round 2

So the second round in the fight of the neutrals palettes is the eyebrows.
I use both an eyebrow pencil and eye shadow to fill in my brows depending on how I want them to look.
For day time I prefer a more natural brow and for night time I go for a heavier look.

Here you can see how each palette worked for my brows and which colours I used.
(my eye brows are rather uneven at the moment because I decided to trust someone else with their shape and it was just a disaster! I usually do them myself but thought a professional might be able to do a better job. I was wrong)

Urban Decay                                              MUA

(sorry about the poor picture quality, they were taken on my iPhone front camera!)

From the Naked palette I used Naked and Buck for the main brow shape and Sin as a highlighter.

From the Heaven and Earth Palette I used 8 & 9 for the main brow shape and 2 to highlight.
First I combed my brows into shape using this eyebrow comb from superdrug.

I then used my Mac 266 brush to shade in the lighter colour through the whole brow and the darker shade through the first half of the brow.
Finally I used this E.L.F blending eye brush to add the highlight.

For a night time look I much prefer the Naked palette as the highlight is much nicer, but for day time the Heaven and Earth just about does it for me!

Urban Decay - 1           MUA - 1


  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my latest post about it :)

    Miss Katie K
    Belle De Jour

  2. I'm a new follower from the Monday blog hop. :) I learned the same lesson about letting someone mess with my brows! LOL


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