Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Finally Happy with my Blog!

Last week I posted that I was unhappy about my blog design and some of you lovely ladies gave some great advice!
It's been a tough week trying to re-design my blog, it hasn't been a massive change but I am thrilled with it! And I'm happy to say that after lots of hours trawling the internet for 'HTML for dummies', countless texts sent to friends who have some HTML know how and a lot of tweaking I am 99% happy with my blog!
The last change I want to make is to take a new profile picture and ADD YOUR BUTTONS!

I finally have a button!
Feel free to take it and place it on your blog (It would make me a very happy blogger!) and leave your button in return!

Head over to the left sidebar to grab my button!

If you want your button to feature on The Confession Closet please make sure it is no smaller than 125x125 pixels and no wider than 150 pixels!

I'm so excited to get some button swapping action going on!

Please let me know what you think of the new design and leave any suggestion in the comment box!


  1. Congrats hun, it looks great!

    Lea x

  2. I've put your button on my blog hun :)
    I have one available on my blog, would be great if you could put it up :)



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