Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Name's Hannah and I'm a Nail Polish Addict.

The 'Lights and Bright' half of my collection

Girls, we all have a weakness.
Mine is pretty colours painted on my fingertips.
I love nail polish and sometimes change the colour everyday.
Including top coats and glitters I have a staggering 139 bottles of the stuff!
Someone get me to rehab!

So today I've decided to get organised! I store my nail polishes in a small set of draws along with my nail art bits and bobs. So today I was painting my nail wheels and I realised I've got quite a few nail polishes that are exact matches for others and I'm not picky when it comes to polish (some of the colours I own ... what was I thinking?)
When I was painting my nail wheels I numbered all of my colours (I have ... colours) to keep track of them.
When it occurred to me ... do I actually wear all of these colours?

So I have set myself a challenge!
The Nail Polish Confession Challenge!

Here are the rules of my Nail Polish Confession Challenge:
  1. Every time I freshly paint my nails I must use a colour I haven't used yet.
  2. No re-application of colours.
  3. Nail art and glitters are fine as long as the main colour is a new one.
  4. Buy no new nail polishes until the challenge is complete!
  5. Blog about it!

Now I think a NOTD post everyday might get a bit boring for you guys! 
So what I've decided on is a 'my week in nail polishes' post every week and an occasional NOTD.
The following information will be included:

  • Nail Polish colour and brand
  • Amount of coats to achieve opacity 
  • Do you regularly wear this colour or rarely?

Are you a nail polish addict?
I challenge you to take part in The Nail Polish Confession Challeng 
If you do be sure to link me your blog posts! I love seeing other people's nail polish collection!

Good luck ladies!


  1. Ha! Sounds fun! I look forward to seeing your posts :)

    I'm only just starting to get into my nails, because I'm a biter I have very short nails so I've never bothered much with them :/


    1. I have to admit I'm a biter too! But I still love a bit of polish. Personally I prefer short nails!

  2. That sounds like a good idea, I have about 63 polishes (this'll soon be growing because I plan to make a nails inc purchase :D) and I know I don't wear them all so I might join you.

  3. Let me know if you do do it! I;d love to see it!
    For me it's a great way to check which polishes need to be chucked out!

  4. SUCH an addict i cant even explain haha, so i know the feeling! Nail varnish is definitley a weekness! x

  5. What a great idea!

    Lea x

  6. This sounds fun and like a great way to explore your collection! Being that I blog only about nail lacquer I have well over 300-400 (I stopped keeping track lol)!!!

  7. This is such a great idea! I would love to do this challenge but I can't wear nail varnish at work so I only wear it on the weekends!


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