Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review : Revlon Lip Butter

You've probably read a ton of reviews on Revlon Lip Butters by now, and yes I realise I am extremely late on the uptake but I wanted to give these little babies a rigorous testing before I shared my thoughts.
99% of the reviews I've read on this new hybrid lip product have been positive and at first I thought 
"Brilliant, a product we can rely on!". 
But then I got to thinking ... there must be SOMETHING wrong with them right? 

I own 3 of the Revlon Lip Butters.

Cotton Candy - Baby pink with shimmer
Pink Truffle - 'your lips but better' nude-ish
Raspberry Pie - Berry red

I've had these since the end of February and have got a fair way through them all.
(they weren't resealed in the U.K until March but my sister went to Florida in February and picked 2 up for me and the third I purchased from Boots the day they were launched in the U.K)

Every single review I have read about the lip butters is how buildable the colours are. 

Just one layer of each.
Top: Cotton Candy
Middle: Pink Truffle
Bottom: Raspberry Pie


Sometimes I find swatches on the hand a bit useless so I took these babies for a spin!

Cotton Candy


This colour is probably my favourite out of the 3 I own.
It looks like a gloss, without feeling sticky like a gloss.
I do find myself re-applying this shade regularly, but I find it the easiest to wear out of the three and is great for neutral looks as well as glam looks.

Pink Truffle 


This is my least favourite colour.
It is a 'your lips but better shade' - which I generally find extremely wearable and enjoyable to wear - but I find it has too much of a peach/brown undertone for my complexion.
This was one of the shades my sister picked up for me and is not true to the colour in the picture on the Revlon website.
Also this shade is named 'Pink Truffle'. 
It;s not pink.
It's brown.
It is however the shade which stays on my lips the longest.

Raspberry Pie 


I love love love the colour of this one!
It is a great way to wear a red lip in a toned down way. I prefer wearing this look out in the evening rather than for a daytime look.
However I find this colour the most difficult to work with.
Applied sheer it tends to become uneven very quickly and I don't like the look of it when applied in this way.
I do like the look of Raspberry Pie when layered. Personally I find this shade of red to be extremely flattering and almost plumping on the lips.
This shade does not last very long but is very pigmented.
Because of these two reasons you HAVE to use a mirror when re-applying, which can be a pain in the bum sometimes!

I have gone through months of loving and hating these Lip Butters.
They are very moisturising, there is no denying that. However I feel that it provides no lasting benefits.
Its is moisturising whilst on your lips, but not after the colour wears away.

Priced at £7.99 here in the U.K it is a rip off.
If they weren't priced at $6.49 (converts to £4) in the states then I would think the price was decent.
I just do not understand how companies can justify charging double for a product because of the location it's sold.

Overall, I think the Lip Butters are decent but Revlon had created a product I am not in the market for. I like Lipsticks to have a certain texture and I prefer balms to have a certain texture. 
I don't like the texture.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy with the colours I own (mainly because when my sister bought them the exchange rate was different and it worked out at about £3.50 each) but I won't be buying any more.

I am satisfied with my 3 colours and they are o.k products but you won't see them on my lips often or in any monthly favourites.

Honestly it all comes down to personal preference.
If you  love wearing colour on your lips but don't like the texture of a lipstick, then these are probably the product for you!

I know this post may seem extremely contradictory but they do have some good qualities!

How do you feel about the Lip Butters?


  1. I haven't tried them yet but I was tempted.....I'm not sure now though lol. Does seem a bit pricey for Revlon really! :/ When you consider you can get a MAC one for a few quid more!


    1. Yeah the price completely puts me off buy more! It's not something I recommend buying but at the same time I wouldnt stop someone from buying them if that makes sense! x

  2. I have never tried the lip butters. Good review!

  3. I bought all of my lipbutters online from the states, and I paid about 8 euros each for them. They retail here in Ireland for 11.50 each. I bought one in Ireland, Peach Parfait, because I LOVE the colour and didn't want to run out or pay for the shipping.
    I have about 10 colours, I really like the formulation but I do think that you got landed with a few of the colours that I would absolutely not have bought. I love Raspberry Pie though!



    1. What a bargain hunter! They are good products, just not for me! Raspberry pie is my fave!
      Hannah x


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