Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What to buy the guy in your life for his birthday!

Ok ladies so July 7th sees Mark's 20th Birthday.
And for months now I've been thinking long and hard about what to get for him!
Now there's 2 reasons I've been planning for so long:

  • I'm a super organised person
  • There's nothing he wants that isn't that expensive
I've been saving and buying for ages now and typing in google 'what to buy your boyfriend for his birthday' but it always tells me to buy football tickets and beer. 
Mark's keen on neither.
Personally I find men much harder to buy gifts for than women and I always put alot of thought into my gifts and try not to buy bog standard gift sets.

So I've decided to compile a list to suit all occasions, budgets and recipients.

The Budget Buys (under £10)

Blue short sleeved shirt
This shirt is 100% Mark's style and is plain yet stylish so would go down with many fellas. Also light blue is an extremely flattering shade on most skin tones and H&M's men clothes are cut really well.

Marmite Chocolate
I know Marmite is the original love/hate product ...but if he loves it... this is great!
Skin care
I've made Mark his own 'Glossy Box' type gift. Last month he was asking loads of questions about my subscription but declined when I offered to buy him a box. Instead I picked up a few products which he regularly uses (and some not so regularly). Some are the exact products he uses already and some I have switched up abit. 
This is a great way to nudge your fella (who might not be keen on skincare) into looking after his skin.
This gift can also be adapted across all price ranges.

A cute photo of you both.
This was actually the very first gift I bought Mark. When I did this frame was available in black and I put a lovely black and white photo of us in there.

A bit more to spend (Under £40)

Digital Photo Keyring
Grab this and fill it up with photos of you!

Cotton Shorts
These shorts are the perfect mix of day and night as well as smart/casual. Hollister clothes are always an investment and will last.

Eue De Lacoste Rouge
A nice fragrance generally only goes down well if your guy has picked or you know exactly what he likes. I've bought Mark the white bottle of this fragrance.

Big Money (£40+)

Ray Ban Aviators
Aviators are a classic! Especially if your guy has great bone structure! I found a great website  with buy one get one free on a large range of glasses (vision glasses as well as sunnies) which means you can treat yourself to a pair too! (thats what I did)

Phillips Aqua Touch Wet and Dry Shaver
For the guy who has everything - including facial hair!

Hollister Shirt 
This shirt is such great quality and a great cut. Again, an investment.

White Vans
A classic! These go with everything and your guy will appreciate you helping him to look great!

Ipad Case
Help him protect his prized possession with this new Ipad case!

So there you have it! Most of these bits I have already bought and the rest are on the list waiting to be purchased!
If you have any more ideas or suggestions, you know the drill!


  1. Great ideas! :) Hope Mark likes his gifts, I'm sure he will :)

    I always think old childhood favourite games/books/movies are great gifts for guys - they tend to get really nostalgiac about those things, and really touched when they see you've remembered them rambling on about their favourite stuff from their youth! lol


    1. That's such a great idea! There are some sweets Mark used to have as a kid but hasnt had in years so I might go on a hint for them! x

  2. Ooh yuck, Marmite chocolate sounds horrible, haha. But then again, I am a Marmite hater. So true what they say.
    I completely know how you feel trying to come up with man-present ideas, it's always trouble for me, too! They are so hard to buy for, and on top of that mine is extra specific about what he likes! Good luck with choosing, looks like you've got some good ideas sorted!
    Mel x

    1. I feel the same about marmite, but mark is a lover of it! He can be super picky and it's so hard when everyone asks me for ideas so I've been keeping an eye out for months now! x


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