Saturday, 7 July 2012

Review: Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream

I was really excited when I heard about this product and had high expectations.
As a kid I had always used the oilatum bath solution because I have suffered with eczema and dry skin.

This retail for £7.65 at Boots 
The Boots website says:
'Oilatum Natural Face Cream penetrates deeply to rehydrate facial skin relieving tightness and irritation and leaving it feeling smooth.'

My skin gets dehydrated quickly so I always use products that are very moisturising.

I would compare the texture of the cream to E45 cream.
I would also place these two products in the same category as Sudocrem and they are more gentle on the skin than other moisturisers. 

When I firstly used this product I thought it was fantastic and It really worked wonders on days when my skin was exceptionally dry and sore.
However after continued use (for a few weeks) It began to make my skin feel oily and greasy.
This happened most around my T-zone.
In general I don;t suffer with an oily T-zone.

The cream is fragrance free and I didn't have any adverse reactions to it.
However I have discontinued using this product regularly as it made my skin go from extremely dry to extremely oily.

I will be reaching for Oilatum Natural repair face cream on days where I have dry patches of skin or particularly sore spots on my face.

If you have oily skin I would not recommend this.

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