Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Empties

This month's empties is very scarce!
I don't know what's happened this month but I have just 4 products which I've used up!
I've been switching up my hair, skincare and make up routine this month so maybe that's where the blame lies!

First up this month are some cotton buds pre-loaded with make-up remover.
 Unfortunately there's no branding on this product but I cant tell you these cost me about £1-£2 from Savers.
They are an excellent product and I've already bought my next pack. They do a great job of just wiping away those smudges! And they're much cheaper than the brand sold in boots (which are about £5).

3 hair products this month!
Left - Pure Coconut Leave in conditioner. 
I love this product! I picked it up on a whim and just can;t get enough of it. I haven't re purchased as I have other leave in conditioners I want to use up first. However this will certainty be back in my basket when the time calls for it!
and it only cost a few pounds from Savers!

Middle - Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair 
This is another hair care product I can't get enough of!
I always put this on my hair after washing it and It never fails to leave it looking nice and silky!
This was another Savers purchase!

Right - Leo Bancroft Bungee hair elastics.
Now I have cheated a bit with this product as I haven't technically 'used it up'. They way I use hair bands is I try to use the same one for as long as possible until I either loose it or leave it somewhere, i.e the car or my bag. These little beauties are scattered all over the place and they do a great job to relieve stress on my hair when I'm wearing it tied back.
This pack costs £3.50 for a pack of 6 from Tesco.

So have you used any of these products?
What are your July empties (If you've blogged about yours be sure to link it below!)



  1. Oooh those remover buds look interesting, will have to keep an eye out for those!


  2. I love the Gliss Hair repair -- its so nice. Cant get enough of this either :o)


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