Sunday, 7 October 2012

August & September Empties.

You may or may not have noticed that in August I didn't do an empties post.
I had hardly any products to show you but over the month of September they have accumulated greatly!

I've decided to use up a lot of my products that were half full or less because I'm terrible for switching up my products before they're finished.

So first up is body products!
Tesco Soft & Smooth Hand & Body lotion - I only use this on my hands and have for years. I find that it's the only hand lotion that works for me no matter what else I try!
Nair hair removal cream - This is just the original formula and I really didn't think much of it. I prefer the newer options and probably wont re-purchase this unless I can't get any thing else.
Impulse Magical Glamour shower gel - I really love this scent! I got about 4 gift sets with this in at Christmas and only now am I finishing them all up! I didn't find this shower gel particularly moisturising , but as a shower gel - it did it's job!
The Pink Cow A Very Quiet Body Scrub - I love love love this scrub and it smells ridiculously amazing! It's got a really gentle coconut fragrance and works fantastically  However it leaves a horrible residue in the bottom of the bath (but what body scrubs don't?).
Ayuuri Body wash in Sandalwood - I loved this shower gel (and so did my boyfriend). The scent is very uni sex and a little goes a long way! I received this in a Glossy box and know that you can get it in Tesco.
Sure Long Lasting perfection deodorant - pretty boring really, just an armpit spray. It's nothing revolutionary but it's not awful either.
Nivea Invisible protection deodorant - really not a great product, i mean it didn't stain my clothes but it was so moist, and that's not what I want from a roll on!

Hair care products.
Dove Intensive repair mask - This is a product I was trying to use up and only got one use from it (I'd already used the majority of it). I wouldn't label it as an 'intensive care' product but it was ok. There are much better products for a similar price.
Charles Worthington mineral hair rescue - you know I love this product ... I don't need to go into too much detail .. but it's amazing, I highly recommend it!
Lee Stafford Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length - I picked 3 of these up when boots were having a 3 for £12 offer (I basically got these for half price!). They are good as a mask but I'm not really noticing a difference in growth (but that's a whole different blog post).
Uniq one all in one hair treatment - This is a sample product I got form a beauty box and I really like it. I've used it as a leave in conditioner as well as an all over mask - just a shame the sample was so small!
Wilkinson heat protection spray - For just a pound this product does it's job just as well as more expensive alternatives.
Charles Worthington moisture seal conditioner - I loved this conditioner, but I am a conditioner whore, I'm always trying new brands! I would 100% re purchase this product!

Karl Largerfield Sun Moon & Stars -I wore this all the time from about when I was about 12-15 and it always brings back great memories! I got one squirt from it last week as it was practically empty!
Ghost - Another fragrance I wore as a teenager and loved!
Marks and Spenser Butterfly EDP - This was a gift for Chistmas and I wore it all over the new year period and again have such good memories associated with this scent (is any one else like this?). It's such a light and girly scent and the perfect size to carry in my bag!

Skin Care
Tesco Cucumber Cleansing wipes - my usual wipes. They get the job done and are only 99p!
Tesco Sensitive cleansing wipes - I picked these up because there were no cucumber wipes in the shop and I was in desperate need! I didn't like them as much as the cucumber ones.
L'Oreal Dermo expertise eye make up remover - My favorite make up remover - I get through this stuff so quickly!
Taaj Make up remover - (this has a fancy french name but it's make up remover!) I loved this product and its on par with my L'Oreal make up remover. I received it in a Jolie box but have yet to find a UK retailer!
Mac makeup brush cleanser - Not really skin care but I thought I'd chuck it in this part anyway. It's a good brush cleaner but I probably won't buy it again as it's a bit pricey for what it is.
L'Ooccitane D'angelique hydrating Creme - A fantastic product! I loved using this. The only down side was the smell. It has a very herbal scent which I don't like but  it made my skin feel amazing!

Nail products.
Elagant Touch nail polish remover -This polish remover was excellent but I felt like it really damaged my nails!
NYC top coat, Grand central station - My Favorite drug store top coat! It dries fast and gives a great finish!

Do you use any of these products?
What are your opinions on them?


  1. The Impulse shower gel sounds really nice I've not seen that before. I'm also a massive fan of Charles Worthington products <3 x

    1. I think it only comes out around Christmas! I'm a complete CW junkie!

  2. The lee Stafford hair mask really helps to get hair back to a good condition :) x

    1. yeah! I found it worked better as a deep conditioner than a growth treatment!


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