Monday, 30 April 2012

Beauty haul

Brace yourselfs beautiful people this is going to be a looong haul!
Recently it feels like I've done nothing but shop, and in the process emptied out my bank account! This has to stop!
Here is what I bought today!

First off is Mac's Face and Body foundation. This is the first Mac foundation I have bought so had no clue what colour I was. When I went into the mac store it was mega busy and the girl who helped me was like 'c1 is your colour'. 
I'm amazed. She was right. I wish I had that superpower!
So I've got this on now (along with the next few products) just to check that it does match my skin colour properly and you can see for yourself below how lovely it is!
£25.50 - Mac

This 17 mascara from Boots was a right bargain at just £4! I don't own any waterproof mascaras and thought that at £4 this should be the one I own! At first impressions as you can see the brush is HUUGE and I do like it, but it could all change!
£4 - Boots

Now normally I wear a bright pink blush but I feel like as we move into summer (slowly) I needed a different shade. I decided to go with a more peachy/brown shade so picked up natural collection blush in 'Rosey Glow'. Now this blush is super cheap so if it doesn't suit me I haven't lost much!
£1.99 - Boots

Since the Revlon Lip butters were launched in the UK I've heard mixed reviews and that the Loreal Colour Riche Lipsticks were much better. So after weeks of selecting a shade I finally bought 'Aphrodite Scarlet'.
£7.99 - Boots

So here is me with just a very quickly applied face of make-up using all the above products. 
Mac Face and Body foundation - C1
17 Va Va Voom Mascara - Black
Natural Collection Blush - Rosey Glow
Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick - Aphrodite Scarlet

I'm undecided about the blush but I love all of the other products. What are your opinions on the blush and are there any you recommend?

This eyeliner pencil is from a shop I recently discovered called Kiko. This eye liner is in the colour 'Mattita Occhi' and is unlike any other I own. Its a really nice mushroom colour which seems to be well pigmented and very creamy!
£2.50 - Kiko

There was a wide range of lip sticks in Kiko starting at £2.50. I picked up this lipstick in shade 42 which is a  gorgeous shimmery red.
£2.50 - Kiko

I own three other Kiko nail polishes and really love them so I picked up two more in the shades L: 703 (magnetic) R: 344
£2.50 each - Kiko

This is a lip gloss pencil! I have never seen these before so had to get one! This is shade 07 which is a really nice pale pink/almost nude colour. This is so much more pigmented than a lip gloss and still leaves lips with that freshly applied lip gloss feeling.
£3.90 - Kiko

It seems like everybody has these Bourjois Chocolate powders! They are available in a lighter shade (for highlighting) but I am in desperate need of a bronzer. I picked this up in shade 51 and OMG it smells amazing! I don't usually sniff my powders, but as soon as I opened this baby up the smell hit me! I could just eat it up!
£6.99 - Superdrug

I don't know about you guys but I have a bit of an issue with Benefit make-up. A friend of mine used to work at a Benefit make up counter and has recently left the company and she basically told me 'Benefit are awful!' I'm not going to go into it now, but may at a later date. But sometimes I find that if I have Benefit products for more than a month they irritate my skin. Some of their products are great so it's annoying spending so much money on them and then having to chuck them out after a month! The sample sizes are a great way for me to use the products and not spend too much money. This little set was in Boots and consists of 'some kind of gorgeous - the foundation faker' 'Hoola bronzer' and 'Bad Gal mascara'. There will be a review of these soon!
£9 - Boots

I've never tried H&M cosmetics before but this nail polish was just too pretty for me to resist! The colour is 'Pink Road'
£1.99 - H&M

And finally some skin care! I try to use natural products as much as possible on my skin and don't like to overload it with too many different products. However recently I've been getting the odd spot and sometimes need it gone quickly. So I bought this tea tree spot stick, which was on promotion - 2 tea tree products for £.399. I didn't know what else i wanted so after deliberating between the pore strips and the cleansing pads I chose the pore strips as I'm happy with my current cleanser.
2 for £3.99 - Superdrug


  1. I've always wanted to try bourjois products but we can't seem to get it here in the US without paying an arm and a leg. :(

    All the make up looks amazing on your skin though :)

    1. Thank you so much! This is only my first Bourjois product! Have you tried looking on the internet and ebay? xx

  2. Wow what a haul! Some great stuff here! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment, it brought me here to yours and I've just followed you <3

    Lea x

  3. I love natural collection, I had the blush (similar, if not the same to your colour) & I was really impressed with it. Now I use Superdrug MUA blush, just as good & even cheaper :D x

    1. I love MUA products! and I have a few natural collection products, I love bargain beauty products!

  4. i also use the MAC foundation and i love it!


  5. I absolutely love MAC Face and body but be careful as the liquid separates after a while especially if it is kept in warm places.


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