Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sort it out GlossyBox!

In February I  heard about beauty boxes for the first time and decided to subscribe to the one I'd heard most about. Glossy Box was the box of choice and for an overall price of £12.95 it took a bit of debating as to weather or not I would subscribe to it, as although it is generally worth the money, it is a lot of money (for a student) to take a risk with.
So after hearing lots of good reviews (and one bad) I decided to subscribe.
Overall I'm actually quite disappointed with Glossy Box. I mean the products are ok but the service has just been so un-organised and un-proffesonal.
So the rant begins.

  • First off, the delivery date changes every month. In February I received my Glossy Box right towards the end of the month. March's box came on the 15th and now in April, Glossy Box have sent an e-mail to it's subscribers informing us that we will have to wait until April 25th before the box is even dispatched. So some people may well have to wait until the 30th to receive theirs. There was no information as to why the delay had occurred and the email was sent the day before they were expected to be shipped. In my opinion this is just so unprofessional and has really left me with a sour taste in my mouth!
  • Secondly the products I receive don't seem to match my beauty profile. When you subscribe to GlossyBox you fill in a little survey asking about your skin type and colour, your hair type and colour and what beauty products you are interested in most (along with a few other information gathering questions). Now because I had provided them with this information I expected to get things that matched with my answers. However this is not the case. In march I received a bottle of soap. I think most people received this too and lets be clear, soap is soap. This product to me is crap and I disregarded it straight away. Also whilst filling in my beauty profile I stated that I would most like to receive nail products. In the Harrods edition GlossyBox there was a nail polish. Did it come in my box? No. I mean I was 85% happy with my Harrods box but I was praying that I would receive the Burberry Lipstick. But no I got lip gloss AGAIN! I know Glossy Box cant match you to exact products that you would love but it just seems to me that minimal effort is being made.
  • Finally (for now) is the Glossy dots system. Basically you can earn glossy dots by reviewing your products (for 20 glossy dots) or recommending Glossy Box to a friend (200 glossy dots). I have reviewed 12 products from the 15 I have received and have so far only been rewarded for 2. I mean how long does it take?
It just all seems like a bit of a piss take really. I know some people might think I'm ranting over nothing, but for me good customer service is more important than what you're being sold. 
I'm pretty certain I'm going to cancel my Glossy Box subscription, unless they pull something amazing out of the bag. So whilst I wait for the box to come I'm just going to have to do my research on other beauty boxes.
Any recommendations? 


  1. I cancelled mine a while ago, i just wasnt quite enjoying it as much as i though, and lost my job so needed to save the pennies!
    I was going to re-subscribe but after reading this i think ill take a look somewhere else! :)

    1. I've heard alot about Jolie box that all seems to bed good. She said beauty is another one that's a bit cheaper that I'm considering. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who's abit let down by it as every other blog or youtube video I watch just raves about Glossy box!


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