Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bargain Beauty Bag

Make-up is so expensive!
However there are a few good bargains out there to be had! 
I know that when I was 13 and started wearing make-up it was a big luxury to be able to have a full make-up bag.
But recently some really decent cheaper brands have been popping up! And I have to say some of the products I'm about to show you can really rival some of the higher end products we all lust after!
Here you will find some of the cheaper products which I find myself reaching for on a day to day basis.
The best part is - no single item costs more than £5!

So there is my bag of bargain make-up!
When you first start to use make up or are on a really tight budget, products like face primers and finishing sprays are not the most popular. I mean they help, but when you just don't have the money, they're the first things to face the cut!

Here are my essentials:

MUA pressed finishing powder
As I'm sure you may be aware most  MUA products cost one english pound each! The quality of these little gems is amazing! I often reach for this pressed powder on a daily basis and I use shade 1.
Collection 2000 Ultimate fix foundation
£4.99 for a product which offers full coverage and acts  not only as a foundation but a concealer and powder? Well I don't mind if I do! This product is so versatile and just exceeded all expectations!
Collection 200 Lasting Perfection Concealer
For £4.19 this is the only concealer you will ever need. I have various different foundations, mascaras and lip products but I only own 1 concealer! This lasting perfection concealer does everything a concealer is made to do and will last for ages!
NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder
This little baby has 2 different shades of bronzer in one compact! Its great for contouring and adding a nice golden look to the face! This costs £2.99 and has had a real impact on me! I used the darker colour the most but the lighter colour looks fab for a little warmth in the winter months!
ELF Shimmering Facial Whip
What a great higlighter! This can be used all over the face for highlighting and even on the lips for a natural shimmer! £1.50.
Natural Collection Blush
This blush has been in my make-up bag since I was 13! I always re purchase it as its just such a great colour and has amazing longevity for a product which only makes a £1.99 whole in your purse!

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
A certified dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette! And at a fraction of the price (£$ compared to £36) it is hard to fault!
Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
£2.99 is how much this eye liner will set you back! It gives great lines and lasts for ages!
Collection 2000 Multiplier Mascara
This is the best mascara I have in my collection at the moment. It cost £4.99 and makes me look like I have 499 lashes! Its a brilliant product!
ELF Eyelid Primer
I know I said primers aren't a necessity but of you have oily eye lids, the help a lot! And at £1.50 its worth it!
Barry M Intense Black Eyeliner Pen
This is another product which has been constantly re-purchased for £3.99. It has recently been cast aside for my MAC eye pencil but that doesn't mean it's not a brilliant eye liner! I love it!
MUA Eye Brow Pencil
This is amazing for £1. I cant quite decide if I prefer this or my sleek brows kit! It has a handy brush at the end which I always use!

MUA  Lip Gloss
This product comes in 5 different colours, all £1 each. I own all 5 of them and can't get enough! They smell amazing and last forever. The clear lip gloss is definitely a staple as it can just add that something extra too your lipstick.
MUA Lip Stick
I can not believe the quality of this £1 lipstick! It is so moisturising and lasts a decent amount of time. My favourite is shade 5 which is a lovely baby pink.

I defiantly use all of these products regularly and am surprised by their quality for the price you pay!
What are your favourite bargain products.

Also keep your eyes peeled because when I hit 100 followers of my little blog I will be including all of these products (in the shade of your choice where applicable) in a give away!
I know 100 followers is a great ask but I am thankful to everyone of you who reads what I post on this little space on the internet! I want to thank you all as well! 
I would greatly appreciate it if you could share this post with your followers too as I feel its a great little blog  post and am interested to find out about other amazing products at bargain prices!



  1. I love this post as its always handy to read short reviews on bargains! I own the lipstick in shade 5 but find it really glittery, will try it again though.


  2. Cute blog! We have some of the same favorites! I love Natural Collection blushes and elf shimmer whips, they are such a bargain! I also love MUA eyeshadows Natural Collection eyeshadows, Sleek pout polishes (a bit more expensive), Natural Collection Juicy Lips, and Beauty UK Lip Glosses!

    Found you through bloghop. Would love if you would check out my blog!

  3. Cute! Love makeup, lol! I'm a new follower, saw your link on Blog hop! Would love if you would follow me back! : )

  4. I love the C-2000 lasting perfection concealer.
    A holy grail product for me!

  5. completely agree! bargain beauty has really opened up lately. MUA and elf are life savers because theyre amazing quality. great post!


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