Thursday, 3 May 2012

How to make your own eyelid primer!

Eyelid primers can be ridiculously expensive so I thought I'd have a go at making my own and share it with you guys!
It's so quick and easy to do and you probably already have the products needed!

You will need
Foundation (Liquid is best)
Body Butter (Preferably unscented)
A pot or container
Something to mix with

Step 1:
 Put a small amount of foundation into your pot.

Step 2:
Add roughly the same amount of concealer 

Step 3:
Add in roughly the same amount of body butter (make sure you use body butter and not lotion as lotion is too thin!)

Step 4
Mix the products together

You are finished!

This eyelid primer does not work as well as some of the higher end primers but is great if you are just starting to use make-up, are on a budget or have run out!
This will stay in place for around 5-6 hours depending on how oily your eyelids are.

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