Thursday, 3 May 2012

Urban Decay Vs MUA

I'm sure you've all heard of the Urban Decay Naked palette right?
And have you heard of the MUA heaven and earth palette?
Well the MUA palette has been heavily compared to Naked palette more times than Lindsay Lohan has been admitted to rehab!

This mini series of blog posts is going to be pitting the two palettes against each other to help you decide if the Naked Palette is worth it's hefty price tag.

Vital Statistics:
                      Urban Decay Naked Palette                                            
Price:              £36                                                                                  
Where:            Debenhams/House of Frazer                                            
Extras:             Eyeshadow brush or Eye pencil and eye primer                
Amount:          12                                                                                    
Range:             Browns & Greys                                                              
Wear:              12 hours                                                                          

                       MUA heaven and earth Palette
Price:               £4
Where:            Superdrug
Extras:             Sponge eye applicator
Amount:          12
Range:             Browns
Wear:              3 hours


So there are the palettes.
Now I've introduced them I am going to do the first comparison of this mini-series.
How do the colours match up?

I have labelled all of the Urban Decay shadows with their names and simply numbered the MUA shadows in order to compare them.

Virgin - 2
Sin - 8 
Naked - 3
Sidecar - 5
Buck - 1
Half Baked - 12
Smog - 4
Dark Horse - x
Toasted - 7
Hustle - x
Creed - x
Gunmetal - x

So as you  can see, there are four shades which MUA have failed to match!
But still, shades 6, 9, 10 and 11 are very unique and versatile shades.

However there is a larger variety of shades in the Naked Palette.

Urban Decay: 1          MUA: 0 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment!


  1. This is helpful! And looks like a money saver! Good post!!

    Miss Katie K

    1. I'll be posting more comparisons of these two palettes to help everyone more than the regular reviews! x Thanks for following! xx

  2. Great post!
    Bargin eh! :)

  3. this is great! the MUA pigments never disappoint and for that price you gotta really!

  4. MUA heaven and earth palette is the only eyeshadow product I own and the colours are gorgeous xx


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