Monday, 21 May 2012

Midnight Playlist

I don't know about you but when it gets past 11 at night and I'm still awake, I always find my self listening to a certain type of music.
Some nights, like tonight, I find myself listening to lovely male vocalists with a gee-taar but others I could be listening to 90's dance music!
I really like the little playlist I've got going on at the moment and thought I'd share these fab songs with you!

 Now I don't know much about Ron Pope other than my sister listens to alot of his music. Today I heard Perfect for me for the first time and it's been on repeat most of the afternoon!

I apologise for the live version of John Mayer - A face to call home but as the album isn't released until tomorrow there is no studio version available just yet. I urge you to give this song a listen when the album is released!

I have always always always loved Maroon 5  from their first album Songs about Jane to their latest masterpiece Payphone. I can not wait for the new album!

John Mayer  again. I have a great love for this man's music. Every song he writes has a real personal feel to it and I could just listen to him for hours on end. In your atmosphere is one of my recent favourites of his (even though it was released 5 years ago).

If you listen to main stream radio, you would have heard Jason Mraz's voice singing I won't give up recently.

Another John Mayer one for you! This is a cover of John Petty's Free Falling. This track was the first time I heard John Mayer sing and is by far  my favourite version of this song.

Finally I would like to introduce a band called The Coronas. The first I heard of this Irish band was back in 2010 at the Hard Rock Calling concert in Hyde park. It was a fantastic day and every time I listen to any of the songs they performed that day it takes me right back. I choose love is a favourite of mine.

I hope you enjoy listening to these songs. I find them so easy to listen and relax to. (Sorry for the John Mayer overload, I just can not get enough of this guy!)

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