Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lets talk about : Kiddie Fashion

I'm a big fan of the Kardashians, I watch all their shows and lust after their style and make-up artisits!
Some of the clothes they sport are to die for! 
And it's all thanks to their stylist Monica Rose.
Recently Monica Rose's 2 year old daughter Alaia Rose Barbier has been styled to within an inch of her life by her Mum!

Now when I first saw these images I was a bit sceptical. Why would you dress your daughter to the height of fashion when she should be playing and getting dirty?
But after a little bit of thought, I figured, she looks cute, the clothes don't look uncomfortable or restricting and it's a heck of a lot better than what some women dress their kids in!

I mean Toddlers and Tiara's anyone?

I actually think that little Alaia looks adorable!
Personally if and when I am blessed with children I don't think their wardrobe will be full of designer clothes which resemble the latest collections. However I do want them to look good.
This is actually a topic my long term boyfriend and I have discussed (after the convo about actually having kids!). 
We both feel that for every day romper suits and simple clothes are the way forward but for nicer affairs, our children are going to have nicer clothes, for special and safe keeping.
These will be the clothes we keep for them to pass onto their children,

I love the look with the leopard print coat and hope that my kids look just as lovely and cute in their special clothes!

So how do you feel about this? Should kids always be dressed up and photo ready? or would you prefer your little ones in a simple vest and bottoms combo?


  1. I think she looks gorgeous! There's nothing worse than a toddler in heels or grown up clothing but this definitely shows you can be cute as a button and fashionable too! Love this post xx


  2. I think she looks adorable!

  3. She does look so cute. I can't stand mums who pressurise their children into wearing things a certain way though - like children with heels and massive earrings in. But there's nothing wrong with a child looking a bit fashionable :) xx


    1. I'm with you on that one! It's a child not a doll! These pictures just make me let out a big 'awwwww' x


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