Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What a lovely day!

The sun is shining in London!
I'm taking full advantage of today, I'm out in the garden with an ice cold coke and listening to John Mayer's new album Born and Raised whilst the Boyfriend finishes up a few of his practical products for uni.
I'm feeling pretty happy today (I'm sure it's due to the weather and not the fumes from Mark's spray cans) and also very productive.

I've taken full advantage of the sun (our newly made over garden and my new camera) and taken some snaps for a few upcoming blog posts and now I'm chilling in the sun tapping away!

I can't wait to see some summery outfit of the days which I'm sure the blogosphere will be inundated with today!

What are you guys up to today? Have you been graced with the sun's presence too?


  1. It's cloudy and looks like rain across the pond (in ohio any way) haha
    but yesterday was amazing!
    enjoy your day! :)


    1. it's so rare to have weather like this! even in summer! Hopefully weather in Ohio has picked up! x

  2. I'm loving the sun (even though I was stuck in class most of the day). It's about time we got some sunny weather. Hopefully it'll stay sunny all week. I managed to finish early and now going to grab some dinner in Soho.

    Hope you've had a lovely day.


    1. yes! It's forecast to stay hot all week! I love London in the heat! x


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