Wednesday, 9 May 2012

MUA Lip Boom

So tonight I am going to be writing a couple of product reviews that I can upload over the next few days as It's my 21st birthday tomorrow and my weekend is going to be pretty hectic!

So the first is MUA lip boom!

This new lip product is the baby of MUA and Alexandra Burke.
I heard about these a few weeks back and was slightly intrigued.
But it just annoys me when brands make-up their own names for existing products (i.e. mac paint pots).
This is basically a double ended lip product with a lipstick and a lip gloss.

I purchased the shade 'cheeky' which is a baby pink.
I'm going to straight away say that I do not like this product and the whole buying experience was just as bad as the product itself!

So my local superdrug has just been re-modelled over the bank holiday weekend. This meant the MUA stand was tucked right at the back of the store and not as easy to find, also there was gaps in the MUA display and it just looked completely unattractive.

There were no testers of the lip booms out on display so I had to take some out of the packaging in order to see the colour but couldn't swatch any.

I went to the till to pay and the guy serving charged me £3.50 for the product when I was 99% sure that the p.o.s said £3. I din't say anything because I was in a rush and wasn't 100% certain.
When I got home and looked online, turns out they are £3.

The lipstick is a lovely colour, but is matte. I'm not a fan of matte lipsticks, but I can get over it by just adding lip gloss over the top.
Overall I'd rate the lipstick 5/10 because of the consistence and the way it applies.

This is a swatch of the lipstick.

So the main purpose of the Lip boom is to apply the lipstick and then add the lip gloss over the top, either all over or in the middle of your lips to add a highlight.
Now I understand the concept but the colour difference between the matte lipstick and lip gloss means that you just look ridiculous when you use the gloss as a highlight.

This is the gloss used as a highlight .. all you can see is a mass of glitter in the middle of my lips!

This is the gloss layered over the lipstick,

Just the gloss.

Now the thing that I dislike most about this product and can't quite get my head around is the glitter.
This is unlike any glitter lip product I have ever used.
It is literally like smearing lumps of glitter across your mouth.
You can feel the lumps if you rub or lips together and they just feel so uncomfortable sitting on your lips.
I had to take it off pretty quickly because it just felt so strange!
I can not stress to you just how unusual this felt. I may as well have kissed a pot of glitter.
It was horrible!

I will not be buying any more of these Lip Boom's and do not recommend them.
I would even go so far as to say that if I saw someone reach for it in the shop I would tell them it's a big mistake!

The only good in all the bad is the usual of MUA;
  • the lip gloss smells amazing
  • the lipstick bullet has an extra bit at the end for when you run out of the lipstick
  • reasonable price
Obviously it's your decision as to whether you make this purchase but I would strongly recommend that you don't waste your money!

Have you tried this? do you agree? or do you think I'm barmy?

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  1. That gloss is fab!!

    xo, Jersey Girl


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