Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pick-me up skin Haul

Hi ladies! As you may (or may not) have noticed, I've been pretty absent this week!
Last Thursday was my 21st Birthday and after a day at the zoo I had a wonderful meal with my huge family, where they surprised me with a mini family holiday!
As a kid I loved caravan holidays so my family whisked me away for an amazing weekend.
However, home time and Monday morning rolled around and I woke up with an unbearable stomach pains!
After a trip to a&e where I was wrongly told I was pregnant (:o) I was still no better so went to the doctors where I was diagnosed with a stomach and small intestine condition (which I forget the name of!).
I've been bed bound since Monday (therefore unable to go and sit my first year exams at uni!) and today I just had to get out!
Good thing I was able to because the illness has sent my skin awol! (more on that in my next post!)
Here is my pick-me up skin haul!

The majority of these products are from superdrug.

These little sachets of L'oreal youth code moisturiser were free from boots! I picked these up for my mum as she loves loves loves freebies just as much as trying new creams.

This is something else I picked up for my mum. It cost me a grand total of 9p! Its a line eraser anti-wrinkle cream from superdrug's Optimum range. (It was 10p but I get 10% student discount.)

Nivea daily essential Night cream - £4.35

Biore' Combination skin Balancing cleanser - £4.99
Oilatum - £7.88 (Boots)

Superdrug Cooling cucumber face mask - 99p

Superdrug Simply pure aqua hydrating eye gel - £4.59
Superdruf Optimum Super antioxidant grape day cream - £6.49
Superdrug Simply pure Aqua hydrating serum - £4.59

I also bought some anti bacterial hand gel and my usual Charles Worthington mineral hair spa Hair treatment.

Next stop - Lush!

Butterball - £2.40
The comforter - £4.15
Teat tree toning tabs - 80p each
Hair Doctor - £6.50
Space Girl - £1.95

I also picked up Rhianna's scent Rebelle for £30 in boots!

I love the smell of this, but what I don't love so much is the amount of packaging!
I just don't understand why some products need to have so much packaging! 
I thought we were meant to be preserving the earth and going green?
Not only did this perfume have an outer sleeve, but it had a selophane wrapper, a box and a cardboard sleeve inside.
I try to be as eco-friendly where ever possible and I probably wont be buying this perfume again even though I love the smell!

Do you use any of these products or do you have any products to suggest?


  1. Oh my, hope you're feeling better soon sweety! And happy (belated) birthday! I bought the Biore cleanser and oilatum last week and I can already see an improvement in my skin, they're great! You chose some lovely products, nothing like a shopping spree to cheer yourself up xx

    1. I saw your post about the Biore cleanser and did some research and decided to go for it! I've just used it and so far so good! How do you find it? Thanks for your well wishes!
      Hope you're well x

    2. Aw! It's really lovely and most importantly afforable! I think it foams up just enough which I quite like... The scent is a little bit strong for my liking though but I'll probably do a review on it next month once I've used it for a bit longer! Your welcome! xx

  2. Like your Blog.
    Come and visit mine:)


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