Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn Colours: My trend picks

I love love love Autumn (and you're probably going to see A LOT of Autumn related posts from me in the near future).

I love the weather of Autumn, the fashion and the colours!

So today I'm going to talk about my favourite colours for Autumn 
(which also happen to be pretty in style right now!)


I will be wearing a lot of maroon - as my alternative to black - it goes well with all of the other colours in my autumn palette!

Navy & Royal Blue

Having light coloured skin and blonde hair I think any shade of blue always looks nice on me and I can't wait to fill my wardrobe up with pieces in these lovely jewel tones.


I never usually go for and shade of yellow but I've taken the plunge this year and can't wait to start experimenting with this colour as I just find it so interesting.


I'm a huge fan of green and think plain khaki clothes are a great way to wear this season's military trend for those of us who are a bit shy of full on camo!


My neutral colour for the season. Last year I wore a lot of brown but I'm preferring grey right now because it's lighter and works well with the next colour.

Pale Pink

This colour is great for some girlyness and is autumn's answer to summer's nude. I've got my eye on a pale pink cable knit jumper that I think will look so cute with grey trousers!

What colours will you be working into your wardrobe this autumn?


  1. Great colours! I'm especially loving maroon and royal blue even though its not autumn where I live!:)

    Belle Epoque


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