Friday, 25 May 2012

Lets talk about : Too fat for a bikini at the beach?

Ok, so who made the rules that only skinny girls can look fabulous?

No I am not hating on the girls who have less fat on their legs than I do on my little finger, but honestly why do we let weight rule our lives?

Recently Gabbi Gregg (writer for posted the following picture on the internet declaring that big girls can wear bikinis too!

Honestly, she looks amazing!
Confidence is the main reason!

I found this article which goes into much more detail but I just wanted to see what you thought of it and share my opinion.

Now I'm not going to say 'they all look hideous and should wear a tent to the beach' but also  wont say 'they all look amazing'

These women all look good because they are confident (but some could have chosen more flattering bikini's - but hey they still have more confidence than I do!).

Personally I wear a one-piece or a tank-ini to the beach or pool because I don't like the look of my stomach - I have a huge scar across my stomach (as well as on my back) and stretch marks too. I know that this wouldn't affect some people but I would rather keep it covered as I never show my belly in public so I prefer not to tan there. Also there's the fact that the skin around my scars is fragile and sensitive so the sun would do them no good what so ever.

However I do not feel the need to wrap my self in a sarong or wear a cover-up over my swimsuit.

This is me on my holidays last year in a swimsuit.
Its one of my favourite pictures of myself. Yes it's quite a flattering angle but I walked around like this for 70% of the holiday feeling confident and real life isn't always as flattering as a photo.

The point I am trying to make is I feel confident when I look fabulous!
Just because I'm a size 12, which is not fat but not skinny at the same time either, does not mean that I can't look good!
Yeah some days I feel disgusting and over weight, but others I feel amazing. Like today, when I dress well (OOTD coming soon!) I instantly have more confidence.

Bikini's turn heads on a beach weather you're big or small.
and hey, you're on holiday!

I'm really interested to hear how people feel about this. Even if you think your opinion might be a bit controversial please share it!


  1. I was thinking about this earlier whilst bikini shopping... I'm tall and curvy, have a relatively small waist but larger legs and thighs and stretch marks around the tops of my legs. It's hard to choose bikinis and flattering swimwear, but I keep thinking to myself 'who actually cares'. I mean no one is going to come up to you and say 'oh my gosh you're fat' or 'god your stretch marks are disgusting cover them up!'... as long as you're confident in your own skin it's all that matters. Besides, we go on holiday to get away from our normal lives, not to bring all our troubles with us!

    You look gorgeous in that photo by the way! xx

    1. Thank you so much! You're so right! I mean if anything people will come up to you and applaud your confidence!

  2. Wear whatever you're comfortable in! Like you say, it's the confidence that makes you look good, and as long as you like what you're wearing it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!
    I wear a bikini on holiday despite my flabby stomach and I really couldn't care less - I'm there to have a good time, not worry about what other people might think!
    Love that photo of you, you look amazing and really happy :)


    1. I love that attitude! I mean our bodies go through so much in a lifetime - why shouldn't we be proud of them?

  3. I love this post! I'm really conscious about going swimming now my belly is growing. Honestly this post has made me feel so much more confident. The picture of you looks very beautiful as well, you look so confident.

    I think it is about having confident in yourself, but also what does go with your body type. You can look good in an outfit if it's right for you, but if you look confident it in, you look so much more amazing.

    1. get the baby bump out! you can still loook cute whilst being a walking habitat! Hope you and bump are ok!


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