Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer Make-up Tips

Yay! we have sun here in England!
Today is forecast to hit 26c (79f) which is great, but how do you effectively wear make up in the heat?

Here are just a few tips that I use in the summer!

Keep Make Up to a minimum 
If you need coverage use more concealer and a lighter foundation.
I tend to wear tinted moisturiser (or mix my regular foundation with moisturiser) but this year its all about BB cream!

Use versatile products! 
 I like a pink lip in summer so I whip out my favourite pink lipstick, sweep it across my lips and then dab some on my cheeks! A blush and a lip product in one! 
Also if you apply the lipstick to your finger first, you can sweep it across your eyelid for something extra!

Cream products
Cream based products are much easier to control in the summer than liquid or powder based ones. The formula means it will stick around longer and should it crease or start looking sweaty, you can just blend it in again using your finger.

Use sunscreen
We might like the bronzed look but it is no good for your skin!
Fake tanners are so advanced right now so (at least for your face) slap on the SPF.

Face Mist
Even if it's just water in a spray bottle I find having a small bottle of face mist in my bag is a great help in summer for helping you freshen up!

Drink it! Keeping yourself hydrated will not only help your skin to look better but it will help you to feel much better in the heat!

If you're one of those people who sweats as soon as the sun comes out then sweat getting in your eyes and spoiling your make up can be a major pain! 
If you put vaseline on your eyebrows it will act as a barrier against the sweat dripping down.

Have you got any summer beauty tips? Please share as I would love to know!


  1. The weather was unbelievable today,I had pe in school and my makeup was literally melting off my face,when I came in to the bathrooms to get changed all around my nose and eye area the makeup had faded and my spots were poking out through,not a nice look so I
    I'm planning on wearing a primer tomorrow and setting spray so hopefully that will keep it in place :)


  2. that's awful! hopefully priming will work for you! but if not go natural and catch a bit of colour on your face! I find any spots I have clear up in the sun! Have a great day! x


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